April’s Singularity event is almost here, and with a special twist 😉

It is our pleasure and huge privilege to be collaborating with a longtime industrial institution within the city of Los Angeles. Pioneers of pushing techno artists of a darker, more individualistic creed, @squarewav/LA Industrial has been challenging the norm for years now with their unique style and presentation within the underground. As a well known presence in the local, national and international scenes, they have been important in establishing a home for darkwave, industrial, ebm, techno and more wherever they set up shop.

This April, we will be joining forces with them to bring you a special double headliner event featuring the post-apocalyptic electronica composer himself @rhys_fulber performing a live set alongside notable Italian hard techno act and WarinD Records label boss @warind_music for a dynamic sonic journey you’re going to have to witness firsthand for yourself.

Providing local support will be residents featured from both collectives; a trademark b2b performance from LA Industrial’s very own Cervello Elettronico and @spheric.la, as well as a solo performance by resident @tollefson__, and a trademark Singularity beat down by resident act @jny0fficial.

This is going to be an exciting night for dark, heavy, industrial, hard and underground music and we hope you all will join us for this first ever collaboration by two longtime contributors to the scene.


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